Rainbow Gingers


Remembering The Rainbow Gingers

This is a tribute page for those Gorgeous Ginger cats who have gone ahead to the Rainbow Bridge.
Each of these Rainbow Gingers has a link so that you can visit their page to find out more about them. You are welcome to leave your tributes in the comments thread below.




Sandy Red Tigger

Danny Boy



Kitty Yumbum



Fredcat the Famous

Oscar the Puppy Cat

Mu shue Pooh


Mr. Kelly Cat



You can also see a touching interactive version of the Rainbow Bridge story here.

Oh tank u fur putting my step brudder on dis page

Weze all miss him, even my bratty step sistur, Katie Kitty.

Mommie wuved him a lot. I gotz ta say goodbye before he went to da doctor place where dey help him over da bridge.

Mommie say dat Nana (my grand mommie) had a dream. She saw Sandy bouncin in da sunny field... He waz hiz young tigger self again up in Heaven.

Boo Boo Bear.
oh I forgotz sumtin. Da profile iz Katie smellin rohses. Ima dark black brown kitty and almohst 18 yeahrz old. Ize gettin my teeth cleaned today... so Ize need purr-rayrs.

Tank u for all da wovurly thoughts and purrayrs for our family.

Boo Boo Bear.
Eric - Fank you for putting our Trixie and Norton on this page. We miss them so much, and it is so nice that ofurrs can come and see them and visit their rainbow bridge sites. - Sammy and Miles
What a wonderful page to put together. We have linked you to our pages.
Eric: Thank you for putting together this wonderful memorial site!
What a lovely tribute :) Wonderful, Fat Eric!
Sanjee, Boni, Mini, Pepi and Gree
Thank you for a wonderful site.
To whoever did the animated Rainbow Bridge thing... Thank you.

There are several kitties I want to meet again, and hold, and hug, and scratch again. And they need not fear that I forgotten how each and every one of them wants to be specially and individually scratched. I still remember for every one of them.
Eric, thanks so much for putting our best friend Kitty Yumbum on here for us. We really loved her and miss her, but we know that one day we will see her again.
Wow wat a page!! nice pics of our furry friends..

nice one
keep it up
Dear Fat Eric....thank you for adding my sweet sister Suzanne to your bridge page.....she will never be forgotten here now.
Love Miss Peach
We uzed to have da ginger in da house. You can still see hiz pic on my blog, Tiger fur Prez. He waz an awe-some 18 year old ginger & a finer boy I have never known. But know we meet you!
Thank you for these links, I will visit them, hope your Thanksgiving was a nice one.
Duke, Duchess, Max, Sammy, Oscar, Benson, Monty, Holly, Mouse, Tara, Tilly, Mac, Kiwi, Tiddler, Cuddles, Treasure, Hissing Sid...so many have gone....

You join Cats Protection (in the UK) and you have to live with it.

Some think you're daft to mourn but you do anyroad.

Mind you...We've still got DJ, CJ, Bumble, Scampi and the latest recruit...Maximus Spittimus...( http://maximusspittimus.blogspot.com )

You know what? There was a time we had 18 cats in this house. 18!!!

Nobody wanted them and...well...we took em in.

Now we're 5 (with Maximus).

Wouldn't be at all surprised if we're 18 again one day....

Nice blog.

Very nice.

Thank you.
Just came across this page. Looking at these beautiful cats reminds me of my handsome ginger Crystal who left us January 2010. This is a very nice dedication page to them.
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